Our Activities

We manage and support any enquiries in scope of   industrial piping ( valves , pipes , connectors , flanges, steam trap) use in oil, gas industries   and power planet petrochemical   , dam construction of finding & extraction platforms in oil, gas and petrochemical sites from quotation to packing and delivery including five processes as follows :

1- Goods Providing & Equipping

With up to date technical knowledge and taking advantage of our engineers group’s   skills and their experiences , we respond favorably with competitive price with regarding of products quality from foreign manufacturer or domestic factories . if there are any enquiry which is in our scope in can achieve your favorable result in short order.

2- Import & Commerce

All experiences after Iraq forced war and embargo from industrial countries made us determined to register commercial offices with the same name in Malaysia &Thailand during 2009-2010 as well establish close connection with most pioneer manufacturers in China , Korea , Taiwan , Japan and some of European agencies and able to submit foreign bill pre forma and providing products as ex works and direct delivery to project storage without any middle man.

3- Parts fabrication

Industrial workshop of our company located in Industrial town of Shams Abad in a site of 2000 m2 including warehouse & workshop , engineering part , CNC Lathe and roll Machines , thermal dye booth , cutting and rolling machines which made us take on some out of ordinary enquiries such as Lateral-T , Flanges , connectors , mostly with special alloys   , mountable & dismountable spools , stainless steel cabinets of accurate instruments and industrial structures .  

 4- Testing & Survey

All imported goods by our company with taking consulting from international surveyors offices such as SGS since fabricating to shipment and afterwards in spite of obligatory standards in Iran Imports Regulations have survey & testing reports , moreover facilities of Hydro test & shell test in the workshop make possible testing in the presence of some sensitive items . Accomplished surveys according signed contracts with consumers in gas & oil fields in accordance with standards and high quality of supplied products which is approved by technical surveyors lead in express delivery of high quality products .

 5- Packing & Delivery

Nowadays in the commerce world, knowledge of standard packing to prevent damage of goods during shipment is counted as an advantage which we entirely learn it and use it in the following:

Accurate counting of items , attaching ID plate ,to insert product’s name , order No. and initial package

Packing in the wooden boxes and putting suitable insulators

Inserting of item No. , quantity of packs or boxes in order to track

To submit packing list and all related documents with official bill of lading and periodical prosecution up to final invoice